Genie and Skyjack, both leading players in the access market, have supplied the vast majority of our Scissor Lifts.

The fleet consists of a range of machines with vertical lift capabilities up to a working height of over 18m. Large platform sizes with extending decks and a range of lift capacities up to 1.11 tonnes, diesel or electric, rough terrain or suitable for indoor use with non marking tyres, some with on-board generator.

All maintained and thoroughly inspected in accordance with current safety legislation.

Our experienced staff can supply a machine for your every need.

Rough Terrain - Diesel

Name Platform Height Working Height Details
Genie GS2669RT 7.90m 9.90m View Details
Skyjack SJ6826RT 7.92m 9.92m View Details
Skyjack SJ8831RT 9.4m 11.4m View Details
Skyjack SJ6832RT 9.75m 11.75m View Details
Genie GS3268RT 9.75m 11.75m View Details
Genie GS3369RT 9.96m 11.96m View Details
Genie GS3390RT 10.06m 12.06m View Details
Genie GS3384RT 10.1m 12.1m View Details
Skyjack SJ7135RT 10.7m 12.7m View Details
Genie GS4069RT 12.2m 14.2m View Details
Skyjack SJ8841RT 12.5m 14.5m View Details
Genie GS4390RT 13.11m 15.11m View Details
Skyjack SJ9250 15.2m 17.2m View Details
Genie GS5390RT 16.15m 18.15m View Details


Name Platform Height Working Height Details
Bravi Leonardo 2.9m 4.90m View Details
Snorkel 3215E 4.6m 6.6m View Details
JLG 1930ES 5.72m 7.72m View Details
Genie GS1932 5.79m 7.79m View Details
JLG 6RS 5.79 m 7.79m View Details
Genie GS1930 5.79m 7.79m View Details
Skyjack SJ3219 5.80m 7.80m View Details
Genie GS2032 6.1m 8.1m View Details
JLG 2646ES 7.92m 9.92m View Details
Genie GS2632 7.92m 9.92m View Details
Genie GS2646 7.92m 9.92m View Details
JLG 3246ES 9.68m 11.68m View Details
Genie GS3246 9.75m 11.75m View Details
Genie GS3232 9.75m 11.75m View Details
Genie GS4047 11.93m 13.93m View Details
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