Help us support Place2Be!

We are proud to support Place2Be. Place2Be is the UK's leading school-based mental health charity, providing support to children, families, and school-based staff when they need it most.

One in six children and young people now have a diagnosable mental health issue. That’s five children in every classroom with a condition like depression or anxiety.

We want to do our best to support PlacePlace2Be’s vital work supporting young people, and together we can make a real difference to children's mental health and ensure that children don’t have to face mental health problems alone.

We've branded one of our Kubota KX027-4 with Place2Be logos and are introducing it to our fleet with a donation from the team at Banner Plant to support Place2Be.

If you'd like to contribute with a donation, you can do so via our just giving page here.

Thank you for all your help!