HMRC - Use of red Diesel *Update*

Dear Customer,

Fuel Update

As of the 1st of April, the Government will be removing the entitlement to use red diesel from most sectors. Our sector, unfortunately, comes under this reform.

Due to this reform, as of the 1st of April 2022, we will be refuelling our plant equipment with white diesel.

In our last communication on 01/03/2022. We said that we would continue to monitor the fluctuating fuel costs. Since this communication fuel prices have continued to increase significantly due to world events taking place and for this reason, we have taken the decision to review our fuel charges.

The new pricing will be set based on the fuel costs at the end of March in readiness for the 1st of April. The cost of fuel will be kept under constant review and may be subject to further changes. Previous agreements with regards to fuel charges as you will appreciate are not sustainable.

No Charge will be made if machines are returned full of white diesel or HVO white fuels.

For further information or assistance please contact your local Banner Plant Depot.

*** Please see the note below and CPA guidance in relation to the new changes taking effect from the 1st of April ***

If you top the tank up during the hire it must be with white diesel. Red diesel cannot be used in our machines after 1st April. If a machine is returned refuelled with red diesel, the fuel will be removed and disposed of the tank will then have to be cleaned and refuelled – all unfortunately at a cost to you.

Please find the link below from CPA regarding FAQs and guidance. 

Kind regards

Management Team Banner Plant Ltd