Transport Renewals.

Accommodation and our East Midlands Powered Access and Plant Depots have upgraded their delivery vehicles during 2014.

Accommodation have brought in a Volvo FM330 6 wheeler, complete with powerful HMF4020 crane. The truck comes with Euro 6 clean air technology engine as standard. The on board crane can lift and place loads up to 7.74 tonnes at 4.5 metres, and maintain a substantial lift capacity of 2.08 tonnes at 14.4 metres.

This versatility negates the need for customers to hire in cranes for offloading cabins in most situations.

Replacements at our East Midlands Depot have been brought in to cope with our rapidly expanding Powered Access offering. Larger booms and scissor lifts will be delivered on the new Volvo FM370 8x2 HGV, which has been specified with a larger load area, whilst smaller electric scissors, small plant and power tools will find their way to site on the 7.5 Tonne Iveco.

As with the Accommodation truck both vehicles come with clean engine technology.