Nifty HR21

The HR21 Hybrid is one of a new generation of environmentally conscious work platforms with a working height of 20.8m. Combining advanced power-source technology with versatile AWD, it delivers outstanding performance from a compact and low-weight design.

On Diesel, the HR21's revolutionary Hybrid system can automatically utilise its electric motor to boost power whenever needed. This allows the HR21 Hybrid AWD self propelled boom lift to operate with a smaller engine, reducing fuel consumption and its exhaust purification system then further reduces CO/NOx, particulates, and noise emissions.

The HR21 Hybrid AWD self propelled access platform can also operate on battery alone, making it ideal for indoor, quiet or clean applications. Diesel Re-Gen re-charges the batteries without a mains power source and a fast charge is achieved whenever the machine is idle and the engine is left running.

A quick and easy access solution for many and varied tasks.

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Product Specification

Nifty HR21
Engine Type Hybrid
Lift Capacity 225kg
Machine Length 6.7m
Machine Width 2.27m
Maximum Outreach 12.8m
Platform Height 18.8m
Stowed Height 2.15m
Weight 6500kg
Working Height 20.8m

Nifty HR21